Project Process and Status

The planning process kicked off on December 10, 2014, with a stakeholder advisory group (SAG) meeting in Bethel. At the meeting, Stakeholders developed the following energy vision to help guide our collaborative work.

YK Delta 20-Year Energy Vision
“Leaders pioneering a unified, creative approach to access abundant, affordable, efficient energy utilizing local resources.”
December 10, 2014 YK Energy Plan Stakeholder Advisory Group

The first task of the regional energy plan was to complete data collection and a resource assessment. This information serves as the foundation of the energy plan. Nuvista contracted with WHPacific to assist us in completing this work.

After completion of the data collection and resource assessment, our planning support team at WHPacific and Information Insights developed a draft energy plan. Nuvista shared the draft plan with residents, communities, and organizations throughout the region for feedback and input. The draft plan was finalized in summer 2016. The final regional energy plan (4mb PDF) is available for download.

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