Nuvista Light and Electric Cooperative, Inc. is a non-profit electric cooperative that seeks to reduce energy costs and provide renewable sources of energy to the people of western Alaska. Founded and led by non-profit, tribal, energy organizations, and Alaska Native stakeholders in the Yukon-Kuskokwim Delta region we work toward the following mission.

Our Mission:

To improve the energy economics in rural Alaska by creating energy generation and transmission infrastructure to serve, connect and enable the region to attain affordable, long term energy sustainability and self-sufficiency.

Our History:

The cooperative was first incorporated in 1995 as Nuvista Light and Power Company, and later changed to Nuvista Light and Electric Cooperative, Inc. in 2007. Over the years both entities received some funding through the Alaska Energy Authority to analyze energy issues in the Yukon-Kuskokwim (Y-K) Region. In 2011, Nuvista was tasked anew with tackling the energy reality on behalf of Yukon-Kuskokwim communities. We are taking practical steps forward so that rural Alaska’s energy solutions are our solutions.

Our Duty:

At Nuvista, we see access to affordable energy as being a component of self-determination for our people and self-sufficiency for our businesses and families. Nuvista’s role is to speak up for, and work on behalf of, the people we are trying to help. We will have succeeded when we have attained affordable, sustainable energy choices for every community in our region.

Our Board:

A seven-member board oversees Nuvista’s strategic vision. Our board members represent the Yukon-Kuskokwim Delta’s largest non-profits and business leaders. Incorporated in 2007, Nuvista is lead by the region we serve.

Chairman of the Board:
George Guy is manager of Kwethluk Power Company and is also Vice Chairman of the Board of Directors of the Calista Corporation. Calista is an Alaska Native Regional Corporation established in 1971 to create economic opportunities for Alaska Native Shareholders in Southwest Alaska – roughly 13,000 individuals and 56 federally recognized tribes. Calista serve the villages of the Lower Yukon River, the Central and Lower Kuskokwim River, Nunivak Island and a large area on the coast of the Bering Sea. The mission of the Calista Corporation is to increase Shareholder benefits and economic opportunities through innovation, growth, leadership, execution and financial discipline. The Corporation is comprised of 16 subsidiaries which provide services ranging from heavy equipment to construction, public relations to web development, and telecommunications to remote camp services.

Vice Chair:
Meera Kohler
serves as President and Chief Executive Officer at Alaska Village Electric Cooperative (AVEC). As a Cooperative, AVEC is owned by the people they serve; 57 communities throughout interior and western Alaska. Their mission – simply put – is to be the best Alaskan utility and to deliver a stable source of electricity into the homes of the Alaskan communities they serve.

Dan Winkelman
serves as President and CEO of the Yukon-Kuskokwim Health Corporation (YKHC) – the principal healthcare organization which serves the residents of the Yukon-Kuskokwim Delta region. YKHC administers community clinics, a regional hospital, dental services, health promotion, environmental health services and beyond. Each of the 58 communities in their service area is a federally recognized tribe and YKHC itself is a Tribal Organization.

Dan Walker
serves as the Superintendent of the Lower Kuskokwim School District (LKSD). Headquartered in Bethel, the district office coordinates services and support to 22 villages and 6 Bethel schools. The district encompasses the lower area of the Kuskokwim River Delta along the coast of the Bering Sea. The mission of the LKSD is to “ensure bilingual, culturally appropriate and effective education for all students, thereby providing them with the opportunity to be responsible, productive citizens.”

Board Members:
William Igkurak is the President and founder of The Chaninik Wind Group. The Chaninik Wind Group represents more than 2000 tribal members in the Lower Kuskokwim area. Chaninik pioneered a smart wind “system” that combines the use of turbines, diesel generators and storage systems. Their aim is to reduce dependency on diesel fuel, lower energy costs and foster opportunities for economic development for the four communities they serve – Kwigillingok, Kongiganak, Tuntutuliak and Kipnuk.

Albert Williams serves on the Executive Board of the Association of Village Council Presidents (AVCP) and represents the communities of Kipnuk, Kongiganak, Kwigillingok and Tuntutuliak. Created in 1977, AVCP’s mission is to provide “Human Development, Social Services and other culturally relevant programs for the people, to promote self-determination, protection and enhancement of our culture and traditions through a working partnership with member villages of the Yukon-Kuskowim Delta.”

Mark Charlie serves as President and Chief Executive officer of the Association of Village Council Presidents-Regional Housing Authority (AVCP-RHA). The AVCP-RHA, based in Bethel, AK, serves the communities and people of the AVCP region. This includes 48 villages and 56 federally recognized tribes. The AVCP-RHA was organized in 1974 with the goal of providing affordable housing opportunities and services to eligible individuals and families.